Our Pastors


William and Tamala Kelly are the Senior Pastors of The Purpose Church. They are two people that live out the love of God in their daily walk. William and Tamala have always operated as a husband-wife ministry team, sharing the leadership & teaching responsibilities. They both have over 20 years of serving "In the Field" ministry experience. They have often been referred as “Shepherds who smell like sheep” because of their genuine love and care for people. Their down-to-earth, real, and transparent style of leadership has affected countless lives to the glory of God.

William and Tamala were anointed and appointed by God for the work of the ministry.  This calling was acknowledged by their Senior Pastors, Diego  from Abundant Living Family Church in Rancho Cucamonga, California who ordained and launched them into full-time ministry. On December 15, 2010, William and Tamala became pastors of The Purpose Church.

Pastors William and Tamala have been in a fruitful marriage for over 20 years.  Together they are the parents of 6 children and have 5 wonderful grandchildren .The Pastors are committed to their first ministry, their family, and put their family second only to God.  They actively participate in their children’s school, sports, and activities, setting a godly example of what it means to build a strong family.